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Choosing Right Hosting For Your Game Server Community

At least once in your lifetime, you may have played a multiplayer game. Ever wondered how do those players you play with connecting to the server? Well, that is using a server. In this article, we’re going to learn how to choose the right hosting for your game server community.

Multiplayer gameserver hosting

Gaming communities have been at highest in all time. It is because of the entertainment players do seek after completing offline missions that get completed mostly like in a week or a month. To seek entertainment, they connect to the gaming world where you can play on your own computer while other characters in-game is another person across different part of the world.

How do we connect to the game server?

Game servers can be of two types. Private and public. Private are those who run on LAN and players across buildings connect to the game and play. While public servers are at a global server where anyone who has the game and its multiplayer client(mostly pre-installed) can join the game with other players and enjoy.

An IP address or a domain name is given to the player. The player’s computer generates the packet and sends it across the world rerouting to the original location of the server. These are all done in milliseconds. However, in some cases, you may have difficulties playing the server because of the extreme lag in the network connection. This can be caused due to several reasons like an overload on a network, players joining the game at the excess amount, the server being attacked by some rival community or by a player within the community itself. These can cause headaches to community owners who pay thousands of bucks to keep the best server online but still they go down.

As a community owner, which type of game server hosting should you choose?

If you want to start a community, or you do already have one, you should know that it attracts a lot of rivalries. Yes, as personally, I have handled game server communities and have seen tons of rivals being attracted to harmful activities towards the community. This can be done by either using some kind of exploit available on the Internet, attacking server through the mean of DDoS attack, sending forged packets in order to confuse firewall and etc.

gameserver hosting

If not the rivalry, you may not be happy with your current hosting provider due to issues you’re facing such as high latency, lagging, frequent downtimes, etc. Such losses can cause you to a serious and critical problem in both reputation and financial status as you’re spending loads of money to keep the server alive but you’re losing players because of the constant issue at the server level.

List of things you should take care of.

DDoS attack by rivals on gameservers

  1. Processor – Yes, you heard it right. Your processor plays an important role in running the huge and complicated script as it requires tons of CPU power and your processor should know how to handle such issue.
  2. Space – You may have lots of players playing on your server. If not, many would’ve connected in the past or do connect on a daily basis. To store their data in your database, and to keep logs of conversation and activities between players, you would require a lot of space which is surely an essential need to keep the server running smoothly.
  3. RAM – Depending on player count, you will surely need to expand your server RAM someday. This is because your RAM plays an essential role in holding the number of players and processing script functions and delivering it to the clients(player). All these tasks are run by RAM so you should have a good amount of Random Access Memory installed in your server.
  4. Protection – Last but not least, protection. As mentioned above, you will surely need protection against DDoS and other types of attacks. This is because rival communities would take you down while attracting players from your community to theirs. These practices are filthy, but even after that, it is performed on a large scale. Not only in gaming communities, but at corporate levels too. But for now, we’ll stay on the topic. So you’d need a hosting provider that has good reviews mainly about its protection because many hosting providers claim that they provide the best service while they can’t even handle a hundred megabits of attack being sent.


Coming to the conclusion. As you can see the points are mentioned above, you should look after such resources rather than paying loads of money for no reason. Personally, I would suggest you go and look for reviews and for that, you should be precise because many hosting providers may use fake reviews in order to gain customers. So for now, it’s all on you to select the best provider and enjoy handling the community!

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  1. Thank you for such a great article. Protection and it’s resources are the most essential thing one could ever want. Location would be the secondary priority.
    Agreed with your paragraphs.
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