What Is A Cyber Attack? How Do Hackers Launch Major Attacks?

What is a cyber attack? And how do hackers launch a major attack against an organization or an individual to either rip apart their reputation or economy or both? Let’s take a deeper look into the world of hacking.

What Is Cyber Attack?

Cyber attack is termed as a hacker or an organization targeting their rivals/client’s target in order to gain access or shut down their services for a limited span of time or to destroy server data.  In a cyber attack, the hacker launches exploit scripts written by him or is available on the Internet. The exploit targets the vulnerability within the server and provides temporary or backdoored access to the targeted server/victim.

The attack then logs in to the system and then backdoors the website/server in order to get access later on without exploiting again. The attacker then launches the targeted exploit and shuts down the service in order to overpower their network and let their competitors boost their network activity and sales henceforth.

Introduction To Cyber Attacks

Earlier back when the Internet didn’t exist or when it wasn’t so popular, the wars were done through guns and bombs. But as technology expands, so the vulnerability. Nowadays all financial, defense and other critical data are stored into the computer and in digital form. However, security is said to be an illusion, right? Yes, it is just an illusion put up by the organization who owns the data and to avoid getting it hacked or interrupted.

If there would be a war(hope not so), the main weapon would not be nuclear weapons or any advanced weaponry mechanism, instead, it would be cyber warfare where countries and organization would attack each other to overpower their network against their victims or the weaker enemy.

Cyber War

Did I just say ‘would be’? Well, I think I was wrong. We’re actually already in cyber warfare where countries are attacking each other to get intel of their military actions, financial status, and strategies, next moves, development on projects which is kept confidential and most important, the electoral process for choosing their national/regional representatives.

Not just countries, but also organizations. Organizations are the biggest contributors in current stress in the cyber world where they hire someone to attack an organization through secret mean and interrupt their service in order to benefit themselves. The most attacks launched nowadays are based on an intention to crush their competitors to benefit themselves.

What Are Countries And Organizations Doing To Prevent Such Attacks From Their Rivals?

As the attack increases, the companies are willing/is to pay millions of dollars in cybersecurity. This allows themselves to protect against their targets and keep their system secure. Because it takes time and money for the implementation of such a network to be included.


I’m not going to go deep as we just wanted to clear the concept of cybersecurity and the cyber world in the least explanation but to provide better conceptions. Please share and comment down your thoughts about the world of cybersecurity and technological advances.

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