Here Is Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Business Website

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System software or CMS on the Internet. It holds the record of being used by more than 38% of the currently available website on the Internet.

If you’re a business owner, or a web developer, or anyone! WordPress is the best solution for your website. Not just because of its reliability, but also the features it brings to you at your ease. In this article, we’re going to learn why you should use WordPress for your website.

Why You Should Use WordPress As Your Website Platform?

As the header says it all, let’s begin point-wise.

  • Regular Update – It brings many features to its platform on every release an update. Whenever an update rolls on, you always expect something new to be added along with regular bug fixes which makes it more reliable.
  • Easy Writing Interface – Weather you are a newbie or a hardcore developer, it’s easy for you to create a blog post on your website! All you have to do is to just head to your website and click on “Add Post”
  • Brings multiple features for feature-rich experiences through plugins and themes.

and much more!

Recommendation of WordPress from Security Perspective


WordPress brings regular updates which bring daily patch from critical vulnerability. Because whenever someone submits a bug/critical vulnerability, WordPress team heads up and fixes the vulnerability immediately which is rolled on globally by all WordPress users. This is why we should always update our software/web applications regularly.

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Attractive Themes To Choose

WordPress Themes

It is not only for blogging websites, but can also be used to create a static/dynamic website. For example, business portfolios, resume website, E-Commerce and etc. With a big variety to choose, WordPress allows you to choose themes. You can select the best one which suits your website and choice.



Apart from built-in features that WordPress provides, there are many developers out there who build plugins which help you to add more functionality and feature on/in your website.

This varies from making e-commerce websites to just adding a normal sidebar extension. There are thousands of WordPress plugins you can choose.

Other Features

Apart from above-mentioned features, WordPress brings you more! This includes “comments”, “pages”, “User Settings” and etc.


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